Pink Chaddi doesnt suit me

  • I never support separatists for their narrow minded ideologies and the barbarian methods they use to implement it. Particularly when they beat women, going to pub, I felt it is totally inhuman.
  • I remember reading 'pub going broad/ forward women'. I cant call a woman broad minded or forward just because she goes to pub. Being forward is different and it takes a lot. Though I severely condemn the act of beating women who goes to pub, I cant support them to get the freedom to go to pub as the cause is not noble.(But the episode of sending pink chaddi is very funny).
  • I am not particularly against pub going ladies but I wouldn’t approve of few people who pretend to follow western culture because they think westerners are well mannered and their culture is superior to Indian culture. I have been with lots of western friends and I love and cherish their culture but we need to understand every culture by its pros and cons.
  • What is a culture? When human race begun to live in groups, the leader or philosopher or ruler should have laid a set of rules to bring order in the group or to take the group one step forward in life or for his own selfishness. The rules that were made by wise people and which were more appealing stayed long enough to survive the current AD.
  • Long long ago (so long ago :)) western people explored the external life for their happiness, while people inIndia explored the world which was inside a human being, to achieve the same. The people who did that were called as saints. Since the rulers of India had trusted their wisdom, they created a new post called Rajaguru and every decision was made in approval of them. I believe most of the Indian culture shaped through this.
  • Because it is handled by variety of people these many years, the philosophies of the culture were distorted naturally. Few well thought interactive lessons became mere rituals. Few sects of people, to ensure their suvival, added some unnecessary procedures using people's fear. Few of the esteemed procedures were treated as barbaric as there is no one to explain the reason behind that.
  • If you prefer better management of external life you need to choose western way of life. If you are interested in finding the real meaning of life and exploring the inner self, Indian culture would be the best. But if we follow Indian culture, we should be brave enough to question all the nonsense that it has accumulated over the years or else we would fail in understanding the core.
  • Two points we need to remember though. There is no culture inferior or superior to one another. But If we follow something, we need to follow it fully and only after understanding it clearly. We should not follow it just because ‘Johnny follows and me too’. And also we can’t keep one leg on Indian culture and another on western as few people here do now. That is really disgusting.
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