Question Paper of Database Systems- PTU - BBA- Semester - 2nd

Total No. of Questions: 13
Paper ID [ Bo111]
Database Systems
Time: 03 Hours Maximum Marks: 75

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is Compulsory
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B

Section - A (15*2=30)
a) Define database management system.
b) What are limitations of network data model?
c) Write down commands for deleting records in FOXPRO?
d) What is compound index?
e) Why we sort database? How is it different from indexing?
f) Define terms:-
Record field
g) Write down the applications of database management system?
h) How data can be converted from one type to another?
i) Define degree of a relation.
j)What is the purpose of the DO command?
k) What is the difference between LIST and DISPLAY
l) Describe the use of REPORT FORM COMMAND.
m) Differentiate between @row, col SAY and @row, col GET?
n) List three uses of BROWSE command?
0) What key sequence can you use to delete a field?

Section - B (9*5 = 45)

Q-2) Differentiate between hierarchical and network data model
Q3) What are the advantages of database management system over conventional file processing system?
Q4) What are different data types allowed in FOXPRO?
Q5) With the help of example differentiate between LOCATE an SEEK commands.
Q-6) Describe Relational Data MOdel?
Q-7) What are macros? What is the use of macros and how they are created in FOXPRO?
Q-8) Describe various FOXPRO statements for displaying text and accepting data from keyboard.
Q-9) What is procedure command in FOXPRO? Explain with an example.
Q-10) List the steps you use to create a menu system.
Q-11) Write a working example of the @ row, col SAY command.
Q-12) What is an Index? Why we use Indexes? Differentiate between single and compound indexes?
Q-13) How can you add new records to a database?


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