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An eternal bond

An eternal bond
teenage is marked with rapid changes mental and emotional, it is a time when one just begins to realize how big the world is and how much there is to do
this in itself makes up exited all pumped up with adrenaline and prove our worth but at times instills a dreaded fear of ending up not as how we want....
not only that but teenage is also a time when we redifine our relationships....some take a backseat where as new ones sprout out lending us wings for the new flights to come.
And in times of self importance we often forget a presence that is attached to our very soul, an anchor that keeps us well stable no matter how hard the tides trash on, and it is this presence that we take no long to disregard
A mother and daughter bond is one of the the nurturening essence is passed from one to another..A mother acts like a friend supporting us during all pre adult blues, a guide when we don’t know how to go ahead, and a teacher when we struggle with our first words...and a pillar to support our very first stumble
All these are often pushed aside as new elements enter our we move out of our homes and reside outside in unknown places, with little support from people that we have known for long
And once the feeling sets in of confusion and uncertainty we grope out into the darkness to feel the smooth touch of a familiar object...we long to see sights that we were so eager to leave, be in the environment we and in the process have left our condolence behind
It is then the attachment is remembered, the smile longed for, the food deeply remembered and the figure realized as our only haven
it is rightfully say\ is only when we lose things that its importance discovered...and the ultimate gift?...if we take heed of these words and cherish the importance before we even have to let go...because the world may not be so kind in returning things we never valued
and if we do get back our motherly veil, it is then cherished as I do today....for the mother has no boundary for her joy when she is aware of the fact that her little girl is firm and independent in the world, is yet at her side
- Ananta


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