And They Say, “It’s Not Eve teasing.”

It was evening, and mom had asked me to get some medicines from the Store. The market is just two streets away from my house. I took the money and was walking with a normal pace. My clothes were just plain and simple. Attire which most girls my age have- three-fourths, and a simple half sleeved tee shirt. But I guess I shouldn’t have let me hair fall loose on my shoulders. That’s where I made a mistake. My fringe fell on my forehead, and the rest of my hair, being very light, moved in the direction of the wind. I was walking on a road which had good traffic, quite a good number of “adults” and bright evening light. As I reached the medical store, I showed the shop keeper the prescription. He was busy getting me the pills. I was standing idle, observing various posters in the store. I was lost, another mistake! I was busy reading the posters when something touched my legs. Coming back to my senses, I realized it was a boy’s bag. I moved aside and asked the shop keeper to make it fast. He looked at me, then at the boy, and continued delaying the work. I started looking away, even moved aside. The boy followed my movement, tried to brush against me. When it was enough, I frowned and screamed at the shopkeeper, “Look, if you’re giving me the medicines right now, then fine. Or else, forget about it.” 

He hurried towards the counter, made the bill and kept his eyes down. My frown was still there. He, then, asked that boy what he wanted. The guy, being the ultimate asshole, replied, “Some flavoured condoms please!” I was disgusted. I threw the money over the counter, didn’t even bother for the change and walked off. The guy then shouted, “I was joking!” and I heard a loud cheap laugh. From that day onwards, I made it a point to wear full pants, tie my hair tightly and if possible, look my worst, when I go to that market.
Even today, my eyes are always looking at my feet as I walk through that market, even though there’s always a Police jeep parked there, and even though the market is in a residential area!

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