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I don’t know how, but sometimes I develop an uncanny ability to rub the wrong side of both the parties who support and differ on a topic. I think I may do that now by writing this one.

I would request all of you to read this post with out any perception as I said in my previous post. (Whoever hasn’t read my previous post, can read here.

I am an agnostic, so I am not going to use words like God’s will or satanic etc. I just love, observe and hail nature for its massiveness, appearance and system. If you can keenly observe the nature, you can understand that it runs its show not by threatening or advising but by motivating people. I believe nature wants every one of us to learn about life. An inactive person can not learn anything and so it created hunger and ego. The nature wants the life flourishing and so it created attraction between genders, desire, fear of death (they want to leave some kind of their representation in this world after death), fear of life (there should be some one to take care of them in their old age) and sexual satisfaction. Their anatomy is created to complement this.

So here I would like to express my opinion that I dont have enough ground to believe that homo sexuality is natural.

But at the same time, I feel being not natural is not a crime to punish. They don’t harm anyone physically or mentally. So I fully agree with the verdict of the court.

The society don’t have to ill-treat them either because discrimination in any form is inhuman.

Since they don’t hurt anyone and since every human being in this world is free to make their choice in life, we don’t have to disturb them either.

I just dont want to do all the above under the cover that this act is natural.


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