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If you are present then everythig is here
If you are not then finding a thing is queer
If you are here , then there is no fear
but if you are not , then i can't even bear
If you are here then i m in gay
If you are not then i really don't know the way
If you are then nobody confess
If you are not then i m helpless
If you are here then i m here
If you are not then smile i never wear
If you are here i just make it all dry
If you are not then i m "LEFT TO CRY"
If you are here then pain is what i never wear
If you are not then i just cry a silent tear
If you are here then everything is here
because you are
my life
my self
my control
my soul
my all!

- Avisha Munjal


manvi said…
thats really sweet,,,,,!!mahn u r very emotional...!!plus the left 2 cry line...its awesum..!!
pankhuri said…
gr8 job gal.....keep on writin...well done..gud goin
avisha (writer) said…
thanx manvi....i know....LEFT TO CRY...
we bth suffered it once in out life...there was a day when we just spent whole of our time uttering "LEFT TO CRY'...isn't it?
manvi said…
yeah,....!!how can i forget that....!!
meenal said…
y is dere so mch of emphasis on LEFT 2 CRY..??bt newaz nice poem......luved it..:D
manvi said…
that LEFT TO CRY is like a paranoid who entered our lives nd tried 2 destroy it but she cant..our bond is much more stronger than her....
avisha said…
i know..........she can't
Samiksha said…
hey sweetie i knew i was aware of ur hidden now its tym 4 d world 2 kno all d best
avisha (writer) said…
thanx sam......
i hope u likes it
avisha said…
Anonymous said…
sanu teri lode si ve sajna....jindgi nu lode jini sahan di

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