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"Let me read the newspaper and I care not what is preached at the pulpit or what is enacted in congress"

-Wendell Phillips

Mail today makes you say just that. With its powerful technique of creating vivid impressions on the minds of the readers, mail today curbs the public opinion in a real effective way. It brings out the real meaning of democracy in our nation. In the present times when we need definite solutions for innumerable problems, mail today dutifully guides your attention to them and urges us, the citizens if the world’s largest democracy, to take solid steps to set them right.

the daily presents itself beautifully by lavish display of colored pictures apt to the headlines they are displayed adjacent to. it offers the readers to look at the world through not just one,but a number of,be it sports,international news,national news,local news,leisure( labelled as-the laughline),the multiplex guide,telly watch,tarot tell,editorial page,etc.,mail today gives its readers a guaranteed fun cum exercise time(for the brain I mean.)not only this,it has a number of brain games like sudoku,navigati,code word,double cross,scrabble grams etc. for those of you who like to put their brain power to test. Mail today is thus a complete "daily dictionary cum encyclopeadia".so...

"Two cheers for mail today, one because it admits variety, and two, because it permits criticism".



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