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She never gave up on me

I am not special and so is my story.

As every teenager, when I entered my teenage. It was all fun. But no rose is without thorns. It was all good to have roses but much more difficult was to suffer all the thorns.

I jumped a class so I am youngest in the class. When I was in 9th I was 12.

So unusually my teen life started in age of 12. Many things were new for me and I really enjoyed them. One of them is being a part of a co- head group. People basically feel that 9th is difficult then 10th. But we all never took it seriously.

1st day of 9th. It was simple opposite to what I had though and had wanted..

The people, I thought who will be able to befriend became my arch nemesis and vice versa.

Atibha, Aman the people I thought never can be my friends are now my best friends and Varsha, Chirag and Atul my enemies.

But in this all my mother was the one, at end who suffered.

Every little fight in school was a punishment for her. I treated her badly. Now when I recall those moments it’s like I treated her like a slave. I wanted her to be my slave. My relatives who were my priority at a time started irritating me and my friends became all for me. But in this all from all relatives, from grandparents, from family and from me she suffered. I inflicted pain on her. When I recall all this I think that if I would be at her place I would just send my daughter to a hostel or a boarding. I would rather prefer life without my daughter rather than living with her this but SHE NEVER GAVE UP ON ME.


Shruti said…
That is why they are called "Mothers" (:
9th grade is so sweet. And the fact you entered your teenage before most people, it was bound to happen. The "I-dont-care-what-you-say-mom" attitude... and all those strange things we do.. Moms always know how to handle.

PS: I love my mom and she remains my best friend even now when I'll turn an adult in another 2 months (:
manvi said…
this story is also similar 2 my real life...!!even i entered this teenage life early...even when i wasnt 1...!!this is truly heart touching...!!
avisha (writer) said…
yeah i now shruti.
but i seriously inflicted pain on her.
n now i m damn sorry about my that behaviour.
shez my best friend too. :)
pankhuri said…
i dint hav d same story bt still hav gone thru all dis..itz really pissin sumtymz dat evn wen v cross our limitz our motherz really dun giv up......awesum vishu
meenal said…
het sweet stry...evn i was lyk dat.....gr8 job avisha.!!
manvi said…
seriously yaar...!!
avisha (writer) said…
thanx pankhuri thanx meenal...:)
Samiksha said…
awsome yaar i wasnt aware of d fact dat u r a sory writer 2....watever ...d story is sumthing like dat every teenage can relate it 2
avisha said…
i m nt a stry writer..its just dat sumone asked me...n i tries..i have already suffered it wasn't difficult at all.......thanx sam:)

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