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The Twins

I studied in one of the most boring school of the town.
I was sick of my monotonous routine. Our school was famous for giving 100 percent result in boards. So there were a lot of new faces when I entered in my class. On the very first day, our sections were shuffled and both my best friends were in different section.
So I was looking for the people which will be able to befriend me. I already knew few girls, but I didn’t felt that anybody from them worth my trust. I finally decided to sit with a girl. She was a brilliant classical dancer. But her character – she was famous in our school not only for dance but her character. One of the most spoiled diva of our school.
In boys I didn’t know anybody was I never even cared about them till lastyear. Among the boys, many became my friends later and one of them was Harman.

He was a cool dude. He was what we call a freak actually. First two months we created a fighting record. We use to fight daily twice a day. He has a twin.

Actually they both were freaks. I didn’t realize that in all these fight we found our unbreakable bond of friendship. We use to talk on phone daily for hours and hours. My seat partner proposed him seven times. He finally ended up saying that he likes me.

Harman was my best friend and his twin my worst enemy. Harman and I used to talk 5 times a day and his twin and I used to fight 10 times a day.

From that day, we talked on phone everyday at least two times.

We both started sharing every single secret. He told me about his crush. “Nidhi”.

He said that he can’t live without her and will propose her next month.

I was all cool with the decision. But when I came to know that Nidhi bitched about me, I was after Harman to leave her. But I don’t know somewhere he started loving her and their bond became stronger ans stronger.

I was very good in front of Nidhi but I really didn’t like her by heart. Harman tried his level best to make us good friends but we both developed inner hatred for each other.

Days passed by and somewhere I started feeling that I should not believe anybody and at least should give Nidhi a chance. Harman finally proposed Nidhi and UNBELIEVEABLE. She accepted the proposal.

I felt a bit bad and even I wanted that they should break off or something. But as if it was going to happen. In summer breaks I and Harman had a serious fight and this time it wasn’t so simple. That time I felt somewhat like I should just go straightaway and tell Harman that I liked him. But that day Harman called me to tell that he is very happy with nidhi and will not let her go in any case. I started feeling bad again. But when school reopened i gradually realized that this guy isn’t for me. He is emotionless, he is numb.

Nidhi and I developed good relation and we started telling each other about her lifestyles. In my monotonous routine , talking with nidhi became a part. And now after a year,

Me and nidhi are kind of best friends, me and Harman obviously BFF J . But the scariest thing is that Harman’s twin and I are now FRIENDS.

Frying Pan.

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manvi said…
thats an awesome story yaar...!!bet its urs....!!just 1 thing....u r really lucky 2 have ''such'' frnz....dont ever let it go...!!
Anonymous said…
i won't manvi...i know dat im luck..coz only lucky ppl get such gud friends like 'em..!!
manvi said…
thats true...!!nd i am glad 2 be a part of this group...!!
Anonymous said…
that story sucked beyond belief i mean what kind of dimwit would right something like this
sum1 said…
ajeeb prem ki ajeeb kahani...:D

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