Amendment to the 'Public Office Act circa 2009'...:)

Election Commission [EC] Circular:

The following 'rules' have been added to the already existing criteria for filing nominations to run for office.

• Ability to shout down opposing views. It is mandatory that prospective member clear the prescribed 'decibel-o-meter' test with flying colours.

• Should be strong enough to yank the speaker's microphone out in case the speaker asks you to stop speaking or says anything that is not in your favour.

• Ability to fall asleep while serious discussion is going on. Candidates with snoring that amounts to just a whisper will be preferred over the rest.

• Compulsory absenting on Fridays so as to take an extended weekend holiday. Punitive action will taken against members who insist on attending sessions on Friday.

• Ability to smuggle in wads of currency notes and display it in the well of the house at the most opportune moment in the full glare of the cameras. Conceiving unique smuggling ideas will attract incentives such as 'black money limit' extended to 10 crores and relaxation in the 'less than 5 years' in prison rule by another 2 years.

• Asking ONLY questions for which members have been paid for. Extra questions will be charged at 420/question.

P.S: This post was never meant to demean anybody or any country... :)


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