Cleaning of Swimming Pool Area

The swimming pool area should be made of hard, imperdious material. It should be kept clean and non – slippery at all times. The cubicles next to the pool must be scrubbed regularly. They should not contain any used towel etc. These should be removed. The shower area must be non slippery and have proper drainage. The water of the pool should be continuously filtered and cleaned regularly. To remove the surface dust and waste material floating on the water, skimming the water with a fine net on a long handle should be done whenever required. The water should be drained out once a week and floors and wall should be scrubbed clean. The tiles on the corners of the pool and overflow gutters/ drains should be scrubbed to remove any slippery and shining depositing. The water should be chlorinated before use. The furniture in the pool area should be clean daily and scrubbed periodically. The no used linen should be kept lying around linen area and a fresh set of towel etc. should be always be available for guests. The maintenance department should follow a routine of thoroughly checking and cleaning the pool according to the schedule. Best Regards


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