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The professionalism and Non - professionalism in the writing world

If you ask me what is the biggest issue plaguing the website content writing industry today, the answer would be disorganization or simply put very very unorganized and unprofessional industry.
Now you may wonder, in the field where hundreds of articles are churned out of humans each day, who for a few dollars go on war with unrealistic deadlines and a lot of quality instructions, how come things be unorganized and unprofessional?
The answer to this, can be found in the question itself. Several people who are into this field, h ave had no prior experience of writing. Some have never even done writing, ever. A tout culture flourishes, with people who have only negotiating and business acumen, getting into something, which I consider a very very high level of art.
Then the thing about deadlines. Has anyone ever cared that what goes onto the writer to write so fast, and on similar topics. A degree of exhaustion happens, which is only cured by instant money. In hurry, a lot many times, mistakes happen, which are then seen as part of misconduct and unprofessional-ism on the part of the writer.
Then comes the issue of pricing. The worst aspect of all. In any form of art, a person should be paid according to his/her talent. Here in the web content writing space, market forces of demand and supply set the rate for writers. Many writers I have seen are overpaid and some very well talented are underpaid, for simple reasons of economics. A writer's wage is more dependent on negotiations and bargains than on his/her talent and acumen to write.
And I feel bad about this whole process. And moreover, thier is no alternative scheme I can think of for this process.

Frauds and Scams that have had happened, where people made quick bucks by selling articles of writers and paying them nothing for it. This is has caused a large amount of insecurity in minds of the writing populace, and has hampered the client - clientele relationships. Everyone here looks into the eye of the another with loads of suspicion.

Do write in your views and thoughts...
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