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Article Writing and Social Networking

Article writing has become a great business these days. From the past decade, old-fashioned writing methods have totally vanished and new way of writing emerges in writing world. Social Networking plays a significant role in this concept rather we can even say it has become a core source for freelance writers.

Social Networks help you to reach the global writers and you can get free information and advice without spending a dime from them. In case if you are a beginner for this freelancing writing, then the writer friends in Social Networks will encourage and boost you by sharing their experience and ideas with you.

Social network is the main source to sell or buy your article writing works as it helps you to find thousands of sellers and buyers. There are many different marketing channels for your works but understand that your own Social network is the best tool for reaching buyers/sellers. You already have touch with your online writer friends now it is your duty to turn them into potential buyers/sellers.

Blog is another best source to post your articles. By adding a link of your blog to your social networking profile you can easily drive traffic to your blog as it helps others to know that you own a blog. However, make sure to post the best impressive articles in your blog.

Some social networks allow you to feed RSS feed, in such case you can add your blog RSS feeds to your profile that in turn saves the time of posting blogs. RSS feeds also updates the new entry of your latest blog that provide a new content to readers and writers in your network.

However, you should have a good rapport with your online friends that will help you to run a long-term business. This is the best way to generate passive income and the main thing is make sure not to sell the writings directly or to spam them. Instead you can use a soft sell method or by writing the catchy headlines will attract them to buy/sell your article writing.


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