1. Dry moping of the floor.
    2. Window cleaning of outside.
    3. Setup of the area.
    4. Removal of shots and stains.
    5. Cleaning of service area before and after food pickup.
    6. Removal of damage furniture
    7. Placing flower arrangements.
    8. Emptying ashtray
    9. Wiping of table tops
    10. Provision and removal of special seats for children, handicapped people etc.
    11. Cleaning any spillage or stains.


    1. Wiping of planters and window frame.
    2. Brasso of all articles.
    3. Cleaning of pictures, painting and sculpture
    4. Cleaning of side tables or side stationer.
    5. Cleaning of groves, jalies etc.
    6. Through cleaning of luffet area.
    7. Through cleaning of cashier counter and bar counter.
    8. Cleaning of the corridor to words the kitchen.
    9. Cleaning and checking of any partition area.

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