Inspiring America and others too.

An American is open to all type of jokes and comical activities and he is known to draw humor from every material he comes across and every American has the writer and his writing experience with him. Their writings are in a way inspiring and influential it has been so for many across the globe. Indians who have been living there have simply been successful in writing getting influenced by the American authors.

Writing doesn’t suit all but with the right kind of support inspiration every one can be a writer. The story of how Mr. Akhil Sharma became a writer is some thing similar to some of the Asian writers’ story. He draws Ernest Hemingway as a truly influential writer on reading his biography the writer is said to have made his dull and gloomy life into an interesting one by involving himself into writing which has made him successful and proud than he could have expected.

The story of a want to be computer engineer or a doctor totally changed his ambition and made him a writer. He writes exotically without being drowned in his own exotics he claims to have borrowed these styles from hemming way. Like Hemingway he has put in a great deal of effort to show the differences in his writing building the plot breaking the very idea of being fictional etc. And has always-treated writing as just like other writing and has never shown reactions to other forces.


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