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J-3180[S-1036] [2037]

BBA (Semester -1ST )


Time: 03 Hours Maximum Marks: 75

Instruction to Candidates:

1. Section A is compulsory.
2. Attempt any Nine question from section – B.

Section- A

1. (15 x 2 = 30)

1. What are different types of computer?
2. What are function performed by control unit?
3. What are four basic elements of computer system?
4. Differentiate between internal and external DOS commands.
5. Differentiate between RAM and ROM.
6. Why spreadsheets are used?
7. What are macros? What are its advantages?
8. Define database.
9. What are group icons?
10. How new directory can be opened in windows?
11. What are major components of a processing system?
12. What activities are generally involved in text-editing?
13. How do you perform text search and replace operation?
14. What are features of GUI?
15. Differentiate between COPY and XCOPY commands in DOS.


(9 x 5 = 45)

02) With the of a block diagram explain the basic components of a digital computer.

03) Explain different types of non-impact printers.

04) What are interfacing buses? Discuss variours type of interfacing buses.

05) Explain the booting process of computer system.

06) What are macros? What are advantages of using macros?

07) What are various in-built function in MS-EXCEL?

08) Discuses the usage of spreadsheets.

09) What are steps for inserting a spreadsheet into a word processing document?

010) Describe the concept underlying in design of GUI.

011) What are the feature that made windows so popular?

012) Differentiate between:

a) Control Panel and Control Menu.

b) Icon and Group Icon.

013) What are advantages of word processors over conventional document processing?

* * *


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