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Some traces of writing for the sake of writing and some times just for its love.

Just as America has the liking towards comedy its s equally inclined towards horror in all formats. Some writers there have always found some artifacts from the environment and have involved them into action. It has often made the audience wonder as how could some thing simple like that be involved in action made sound horrific. America has always found the wallpaper, plaster and dust etc as the eminent tools that have signaled the readers of the arrival of the supernatural being.

American writers have always drawn to writings from their historic struggles they have had to affirm the range of expression and to convey their authority and to legislate.
Some of the writer quarrels and some conversations between poets have been real and are abstract to a certain extent. These write ups have a good number of readership that is mainly because of their narrative styles these issues concern writers far less than keeping their writings alive in a culture of greed, a culture that doesn’t read much of anything, a culture that does business as usual in a time of Enron.

No one knows whether song was formed first or speech, or from the preserved mummy’s one can’t even guess whether humming or grunting formulated sounds. Its evident that human communication always was out there which must have come out asking for food, water or even calling for sex this must been communicated by some kind of action or some other format which we probably don’t know. Humans must have used words just like we do now. Writings now and cave paintings earlier have all been the true expressions of speech and have spoken the truth that can never be faded by time or any tide.


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