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Why is the life of teenagers just restricted in the confined walls of facebook chats, hustling bustling gossips of who-is-going-out-with-whom, occupying corner seats of Mocha, loitering around in GK etc.? Are these really a necessary part of their lives? In fact do they REALLY NEED them for their sustenance? On one side the parents want their ward to touch the sky and on the other side the kid wants to dig a hole for himself in the ground leaving a letter outside reading “No one could understand me”. Gosh! Where are we heading towards?

Is it that ghastly to contribute from a very young age to the household income? Is it really that awful when teens start polishing their skills from a very early age? Is it really that appalling if they rather than going towards Costa Coffee, sit back and do a part time job? Questions are endless but answers are very few…

Parents do play a very crucial role in this decision especially by repeating “Your academic performance is ultimate”. Why guys, why are we continuously pushing the kids towards a rat race which won’t lead them anywhere. Another question that comes into sight is whether both the things can be administered simultaneously and the answer is why not? Just remember “Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” And things will surely turn towards betterment.

I consent that Teens have to realize that their primary job is to get good education, and it's the parents' job to see that their teens understand this. But if they themselves rather than defining those constricted walls of education, help the kids in their development process that too in such a modern era; it can escort to much improved results.


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