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Content coordinator is human too

Let’s start it from a story. There was a king who wanted to create history by constructing a “Milk Pond”. Means, he wanted a pond where milk is available instead of water. Royal order was passed to all the people of the state to bring a glass of water in the evening before the date of opening of the pond and to pour it there. Everyone thought other guys are bringing milk and my one glass of water does not make any difference. And, the result----there was no milk pond….

I realized the morale of the story when I was entrusted with handling a team of freelancers in the last company. There were times when we had to deliver the client in next one hour and all communication with the assigned writer happened to cease. Mobiles switched off and not available online. That situation prompted me to write a blog that will make life of both freelancers and freelance writing coordinators somehow easier. We as writers know it is our bread and butter. So can not we streamline the whole process for a better end?

Flatly say no

As with every human being, freelance writers have personal life too. One of the writers with whom I was dealing told me one day---“I like flexible time schedule, that’s why I am freelancing and not in a regular job”. No doubt…she was right… but is not it our moral and professional responsibility that our flexibility does not hamper any organization’s growth? Only you know your personal conditions better. Hence, please say a flat NO if you feel that you can not complete the assignment within time. The work can be assigned to others.

Double checking costs few minutes

For writers, there write up is like own kid. If I am not sounding so traditional, it is really hard to find mistakes in own write up. But this creates whole lot of mess for the coordinator. To avoid it, please spare some minutes for revising the write up before sending it to the coordinator.

Divide your time and task

If available, take work from different niches. Believe me; it helps a lot in faster writing and adding variety to your write up. I have heard many people complaining writing on the same keywords again and again makes the whole process less interesting and invites unwarranted copyscape issues. If this is the case, you can devote 20 minutes daily to search and read different write ups on the same topic. After 10 days you will find, you have enough fresh ideas for at least next three months.

Read assignment mails properly

Before starting the work, writers should read the mail properly and immediately contact the coordinator. This helps a lot to avoid any sort of rewriting and reduces the chances of a fumbling client.

These are my personal observations…. Pardon me if you do not agree

- Parambrahma Tripathy


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