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Mid - Term Internal Assessment Examination

Course: 1st Year of 3 - Year B.S.c. Hospitality and Hotel Administration

Subject: Foundation Course in Front Office

Time: 3 Hours Marks: 100

Note: Attempt All Questions.

Q.1 - Draw the Front Office layout plan of a Five Star Hotel with 500 Rooms.

List the major and minor equipment used in Front Office of a Large Hotel. Draw the picture of any one equipment. (10)

Q.2 - What are the different bases of Charging Room Rent? Explain in detail with Example.

Mr. A check - in at 6 A.M. on 17th October and checks out at 6 P.M. on 19th October. Under different basis of charging room rent. How many days room rent Mr. A will be charged? Assume 12 noon is the check - in and check - out time of the Hotel. (10)

Q.3 Explain the following any four: -

1. En Pension
2. Motel
3. Floatel
4. Demi Pension
5. Resort Hotel
6. Mega Hotel (10)

Q - 4 Draw the formats any five: -

1. 'C' form
2. Guest registration Card
3. Errand Card
4. Information Slip
5. Reservation Form
6. Guest History Card
7. Message Form
8. Welcome Card
9. Tentative Form (15)

Q.5) Explain the following any two :-

1. Sauna and Turkish bath
2. Franchise and Management
3. Over Booking and Up Selling
4. Time Share and Condominiums (10)

Q.6 ) Explain the following any 3 :-
Interconnect and side by side rooms
Key Card and Card Key
Eco Hotel
Pent House
Up Selling (15)

Q.7 Write in detail the duties and qualities of receptionist or bell boy (10)

Q.8) What are different types, models and sources of reservations?
What do you mean by co - ordination? How front office co - ordinates with house keeping, food and beverage department and telephone exchange. (10)

Q.9) Draw the format of Guest Weekly Bill.
How will you handle a complaint from a guest? Explain in detail the precautions taken by receptionist while handling complaint.
Write in French from 1 to 10. Write weeks and months in French. (10)

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