Positive Peer Pressure

During the teen years peer pressure is an important part of life. Peer Pressure can have positive or negative influence. The negative influence far more outweighs the positive influence. So teenagers need to be careful of the negative peer pressure which pushes them to make bad choices. Negative peer pressure makes the teen take to drugs or to smoking or drinking.

Positive peer pressure on the other hand makes the teen perform well in school, join volunteer projects and become a good force among his friends. Positive peer pressure is very easy for teens who are natural leaders. Such teens should take greater responsibility and set a good example to their friends. Teens simply want to do what others are doing they simply want to follow the crowd so that they don’t feel left out. Hence it is the natural responsibility of the teen leaders to take them in the right direction.

Other teens who are not natural leaders will have an obligation to their parents and society to do the right thing. By doing what is correct and justified they become leaders to others who are falling prey to negative influences. Even if there is no one who is following them the teens need to make the correct choices in their life to become more mature adults. This is where positive peer pressure helps.

The simply ways of reinforcing positive peer pressure is by refusing something that is not correct. For instance refusing a cigarette when one is offered by your friend or when his friends are going for a drink refuse to go with them. In the long run these small refusals work up to the teens not going in the wrong direction.

Challenging situations arise everyday and there is need to reinforce ourselves into positive situations to become good adults. They also need to remember that making the right choice is not easy. They may come under the attack of friends who are going in the wrong direction. Sometimes there might be a friend who helps you in tricky situations but the situation is not so always.

Positive peer pressure is for developing good teenagers into useful adults.


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