A worthy Piece of Shit....

SO you ppl thought, that shit has no value on the planet, except perhaps to make bio gas?

Well, Haaathi Chaap is an initiative by Mahima (as appears from the website) wherein, an elephant's poo is used to make paper and paper products.

I strongly favor the need for such innovative ideas to make nature friendly products. Also, I have a strong belief in the dictum that nothing should be termed waste, ever.

elephantpoopaper.com is the URL of the website. You must visit it
1) for knowing more about this fascinating process of converting dung into paper.
2) A lot of interesting trivia on elephant dung paper. These people claim that elephant dung can make great raw material for paper making.
3) The range of products looks quite interesting, but am not sure of their worth viz a viz the price.

All in all a good site to visit and if you can lay your hands upon any of their products, please go ahead and support a good cause.


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