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Career Guidance For Smart Teens

In today’s modern world, teens want to succeed in their careers right from a very early age. The competitive streak is very strong in them and they want to outdo their peers in every respect. Today’s smart teens seek career guidance right from high school. As a teen, you may want to discuss your own ideas on work and seek inspirirational and sound advice from an expert.

One of the best ways to assist you in making future work choices is to first determine your aptitude and interests towards a particular field. You may want to ask yourself a few questions to determine where your interests’ lye:

 What are your favorite subjects at school?
 How do you spend your free time?
 Are you a member of any club at school?
 What kind of community activities are you involved in?
 Do you have any hobby?
 Do you have a passion for anything in particular?
 What kind of summer jobs are you interested in?
 What careers do you find appealing?

You need to find ways to maximize your natural skills and talents and discover your perceptions of your own inherent talents. You could explore different avenues or talk to a person whose job you idealize.You could also approach a professional career counselor for career guidance. Do not be scared of being criticized if you told anyone about your interests. There are always well meaning people to help you out in making an informed decision.

As a teen you may want to enjoy life to the fullest but you have to remember that hard work is the only key to success. You can have a successful career only if you get through high school and college. Of course the prospect of having your own business may seem desirable but never neglect your education.


Anonymous said…
This is a great site for teenagers to express themselves. I have seen in several houses that teens are not allowed to follow their dreams. They are forced to do what their parents wish for. I came across this site on Youtube: She is a small town girl and is doing what she always wanted to do, sing. Do go through this link and get back with your thoughts. Parents should not 'strangle' their kids.

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