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IPL - A simple story of power and revenge

Everyone around here must have heard or read or seen on TV about the mess surrounding the Indian Premier League. A league where money, power and entertainment was glossed and embossed up on the game of cricket making it a nice cash cow of an enterprise.

So what is this new mess all about? Well, India is a land of jungles, and it is the law of the Jungles that rules our lands. (The judiciary is too piled up with work as always and legislature well, is another story as always).
So, we have this envious rich man, called Lalit Modi, who is running IPL like his very own private business. He sells teams and contracts at high rates. To cut the long story short, he comes across a minister of the ruling congress party who wishes his best for a close female friend. Wishing best implies, shares in one of the new formed IPL teams.

As it always happens in the jungles, rabbit is eaten by wolf, Lion eats the wolf and the grasshopper was what the rabbit had in breakfast. So Mr. Modi, slightly missing the point, goes ahead and opens up the dirty secrets of the minister. Now how can the Congress government and the Party, sit quietly when one of its ministers have been thoroughly humiliated and also suffered huge financial loss in great probability?

So now 3 years after IPL was formed, the finance ministry now suddenly realized that Modi is evading taxes. As if a Aakashwani happened ( Aakashwani is, God telling u secrets from sky) or because finance ministry folks are geniuses of sorts, in just a few matter of days, the truth has dawned on them that they should investigate all records of Mr. Lalit Modi. Probe every team of the IPL. Tap his phones , put all kinds of financial sleuths to trace funding and blah blah blah.

The BCCI; parent body of IPL is made up of very high profile leaders across the country. From Arun Jaitley of the BJP to Farooq Abdullah of National Congress, Laloo Prasad Yadav of the Rashtriya Janta Dal to Sharad Pawar of the NCP. All are here. Including Congressman Rajeev Shukla. So now, they need a scapegoat too. It is funny if you look at it, that they are behaving as if they don't know of anything Modi has done with the IPL.

So Moral of the Story, ladies and gentlemen. Don't take any Panga with any minister of the Central government. If you do, then be prepared for Income Tax raids, phone tapping and every single secret of your closet will tumble out.

As for what happens to Modi and the BCCI and the IPL now. It is simple. Law of the Jungle. Whoever manages to garner the maximum power and the maximum cash, wins. This is India.


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