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I shall Defend Suresh Kalmadi

Less than 60 days to go for Commonwealth Games, 2010 and now we have all the muck and mud slinging of corruption, forgery and fraud worth thousands of crores of rupees. From nut and bolts to stadiums everything associated with CWG stenches of corruption. As is Indian culture, we are already busy looking for a scapegoat. The government, as per norms, is giving time to people responsible for the mess, to erase all evidences and fudge documents before a probe can begin. One of the most probable names for a Scapegoat is Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, President of the Indian Olympic Association and there may be someone from the Sheila Dikshit govt. of Delhi.

Now, I may be a staunch Anti - Congressman, this is one issue, where I support the INC, Mr. Kalmadi, and the Delhi Government. They did nothing wrong in looting the coffers of the government, inflating bills and awarding contracts to dubious people at high rates for very poor quality.

True, I agree, it was the Sheila Dikshit government that was responsible for construction of Stadium. But it is the people of Delhi, who should bear the blame of death of 42 construction workers at work. The stadiums are not even complete yet, the work done is shoddy, so where was the engineering aptitude of Delhi citizens to have let so many people die, when so many workers have not even died in building huge skyscrapers that dot the NCR landscape?

Mr. Kalmadi is a loyal congressman, and has all the rights to indulge in corruption.
JMM Bribery Scandal
Bofors Case
and so many such corruption cases are never taken to conclusion. Then why does the Indian population not allow him to get something for himself? When the people of India have always supported corrupt people to survive, then why boast of morality today?

If Delhi University students have no place to stay because DDA and the Central govt could not complete construction of accommodation of delegates, it is not the Congress but people of India, who are to be blamed. It is the public who granted them power in 2009. All 7 Lok Sabha seats of the Delhi region went to Congress. Hence, people have put there rubber stamp and seal on corruption.

So now, today, no one has the right to raise hue and cry. We all should laud the disgust that we are witnessing in the form of CWG. The Pride of India. People of Pune have always supported their favorite Mr. Kalmadi, who is the Lok Sabha representative of the region.
Whatever he stands for today, he is the product of the people of Pune.

No one, said anything when they voted for Sheila Dikshit for 3rd term as the Chief Minister of Delhi. Now they are crying for dug up roads and huge corruption relating to games contracts.

No one in India, ever objected, when one by one every sports body was heavily Congressized. Instead, as the power of Congress started to dilute in 70's, people from other political parties started to follow the tradition as well. Now, people of India, as shameless they are, are blaming the politicians for ruining sports in India.

The media, who has always been pro- congress, has suddenly gone into frenzy, exposing corruption in CWG. As if, all the bungling of funds happened in the past 10 days. What were they doing all this time, when the actual corruption was happening. Now, that they need TRPs, they are showing you the leaking roofs. They, who never ever cover any other sport than cricket, are now becoming champions of I don't know what.

So, stop being cynical towards Suresh Kalmadi or Sheila Dikshit. They are your representatives. Time and again, you have elected and voted for them. Owe up the responsibility.


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