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New disease from Women Empowerment.

India is a prime example of a Country, which takes everything for granted.
Centuries ago, a very good practice of dowry was criminalized, as grooms and their families turned greedy for money.
Then one fine day, we in India get an anti-dowry act.

Meant to protect girls from greed, but the girls are finding it intensely difficult these days to digest mere protection. Empowerment is turning out to be cry of supreme power. Hence, these girls are falsely implicating their mother in laws, father in laws and their husbands.

Just for the heck of it.

As I delve deeper into research, I realize that girls in India simply don't deserve empowerment. Even the supreme court of India has described such practices of women as Legal Terrorism.

In Uttar Pradesh, one of the biggest States of India, ten percent of all jail inmates are suffering from women empowerment. The daughter in law of the house, sent all family members to jail. And now, we have so many such women, sending so many members to jail.

One man, committed a heinous crime against his wife, by asking her to reduce her personal expenses. He is now languishing in jail, accused under Prevention of Dowry act.

Another one had a terminally ill mother and since the case was registered against both of them, the man, a school teacher committed suicide. The harassment from his wife and her parents was too much for him.

I had a chance of meeting an activist, based in Punjab who is fighting for such men. The malaise it seems is in every nook and corner of the country. Lust for money and power are driving women insane. You do as your wife beckons or another option is a police complaint filed against you.

I tried to comprehend all the cases which I had heard from before and compared them with the cases told to me by the activist. I turn to my own quest. To find the result and conclusion of such cases.

In most cases, it is money that cures the lust of power that the woman wants. You settle an amount with her family, usually her mother or brother and things can settle down.

A majority of people have no legal experience from before. The only crime they have ever committed is to marry their son. They fight endless legal battles, lose all their money, spend some time in jail etc. Harassment continues on and on, until of course, the girl get tired and then again, money seals an agreement.

A small population of men, act brave, kill themselves, and try to end at least their own personal misery, if not of their family.

In any way, for pride and ego of a single woman, lakhs of families across India are facing extinction of sorts.

Is it justified? Have we given too much power to women?


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