Success in a Job Interview

A lot of people, a lot many times have several butterflies residing in their stomach. A state of nervousness during job interviews. In my travels I learned of many people, who do not wish to switch jobs, as an interview round, terrifies them. Here are some of my tips, juiced out of my experiences.

Step 1 - Know Yourself (Your interviewer is bound to ask this question to you, so be prepared)
1) Name
2) Your family background
3) Your City
4) Your institution
5) Your course
6) Your hobbies
7) Your strength
8) Your weakness
9) Your opportunities
10) Your goal - This should be very focused, specific, should sound realistic as well as achievable.

Step - 2 Prepare your resume/Bio-data
Curriculum Vitae can also be written. It is a Latin term which means structure of life.

Your Resume is basically a Snapshot of Your Life.
What it was
What it is
What it will be

I have covered details of resume writing here.

Best of luck for your interview.
Believe in yourself and the world shall believe in you


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