Barkha Dutt amidst a shocking controversoy

Media people have been often accused of being biased and partial. Many a times, they organize glittering award functions and hand out award to politicians, who in turn recommend them for government awards like the Padma awards.

But, Open magazine's claim that Barkha Dutt, managing editor of NDTV was seemingly involved in deals, to sew up Congress and DMK alliance in May 2009. In fact she played the role as a mediator and even discussed what portfolios who will get, and details of the deal.

If you listen to the tapes here, you would be sure that it is Barkha's voice. We hear from her all the time, when she is on the news, so it is unmistakable that it is her voice. But it is shocking to note that a senior media personality is involved as a mediator between deals of two political parties. It is blatantly clear that she is a congress agent, and her being an impartial media person is out of the question. These varietyof tapes aggregating over 30 , clearly prove that Barkha Dutt was involved and played a crucial role in forming of the UPA government in 2009.

So if she is so interested as to who gets what portfolio and whether deal making is going on or not, than I have to assume that the reporting of her channel, under her aegis must have been biased. And maybe that is the wonder, by which UPA won the mandate.

But media has stooped to these low levels before. But shockers don't end here. Open magazine has several more tapes that show nexus between powerful people of the media, the politicians and business. Nothing that I did not know before, but hearing the proof is a different thing in itself.
Check here, you shall see and hear how the DMK is influencing the nation's politics, business and policy in a huge way.

I can't comment further, for we no longer seem to be living in a democracy and out freedom is definitely at stake here. NDTV has responded that the talks have been misinterpreted, so it means that they are not refuting that the taped conversations did happen.
Open magazine did respond to this, but their website is seemingly deliberately being put down again and again to show that the server is down, so as to curtain up the issue.


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