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Women in Indian politics

Morality in Indian politics is decreasing, incidentally with the rise of women power in the arena. Call me a chauvinist or just another cynic, but I cannot fake to enjoy in the glory in which Indians are enjoying themselves.

First lady PM, - Indira Gandhi was and will remain for a long time, one of the most influential women politicians. 
She also introduced us to dictatorship and threatened the very democracy which is our strength.

Rabri Devi ruled Bihar for a long time - women there are still backward and by the time she left the state leadership, the whole state was falling, quite badly.

Pratibha Patil is the first women President of India. One, whose husband and family (including herself) has been involved in several not so noble deeds like land grabbing, bank frauds etc.

The world is all deja vu on Mamta Banerjee becoming chief minister of West Bengal. While railways has gone from worse to worst under her control, her strikes, opposition to factories, and sympathy with Maoists is well known.

Sonia Gandhi runs the country through her appointed men, but in one of the biggest corruption cases in India (Bofors) it was her connection to Mr Q that was most crucial. The result of her leadership is already being felt with rampant corruption and out of control inflation rates in India.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati is well, what to say, the less is said, the better it is.

Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalitha is one of the most influential leaders in her state. CBI raids at her house caused great news, and I remember some of the details have heard those stories in my childhood.

Delhi's CM Sheila Dikshit enjoys great love and affection of her people. But the way women are treated, seen and glared in public places of the city boggles me at times. And now the Shunglu committee says that she might have been involved in corruption cases. 

While women representation is a good idea, creating a fuss out of it does not make much sense to me. And if the trend of the most powerful women politicians are to be seen, the precedents are a great encouragement for future of girls in India (That is, if their mothers don't kill them before birth).


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