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Nowadays people find it attractive to reduce the number of separate units they use for home entertainment. So consumer electronics stores are responding by offering more combos for e.g.; TV-DVD-VCR combo in which a television set, a DVD player, and a VCR all come in a single box which is easy to use. All the combo’s functions can be controlled with only one remote. The external cables are also reduced. There are units available with two functions that are TV-DVD combos, TV-VCR combos, and DVD-VCR combos in addition to TV-DVD-VCR combos. So it is up to your choice to select from all these combos. TV-DVD combo is for the people who don’t cares about recording or watching anything on videotape. The TV-VCR combo is for the people who want to record television programs on the VCR. The best option is the three combos which allow you everything from viewing to recording. The advantages of this combo are that it takes up very less space than a collection of separate components. It is best for the secondary use like they are best suited for the bedroom or a household with multiple TV sets because of the upgrade and repair issues. It is a sensible choice for the person who basically lives in one room such as small apartment or a college dorm. These combos are available in many brands as well as different prices. There is very less difference in price of a combo and separate units. This combo is also for the people who have old VCR cassettes and want to play them sometimes. It is a great space saver and automatically simplifies the process of hooking up two devices to your TV unit. The biggest reason f or buying this combo is it saves you money and you don’t get frustrated when you try to switch the signal on the TV from one to another.


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In the last few days, as India comes to terms with Covid-19 and struggles with dealing with this pandemic, one question several people are asking me relates to its impact on their careers. Coronavirus is what you hear everywhere these days. Public distancing and lockdowns are being touted as effective preventive measures to limit its spread. The highly contagious virus has brought the entire global economy to its knees. In this environment, what happens to our careers? Feb-March-April is a period when several corporates roll out their annual appraisal. Salaries are hiked, promotions granted, and career advancements planned. This year, however, things look not so promising for anyone as companies brace for adverse effects on balance sheets and glaring losses due to prolonged disruptions in businesses. Here is what you need to do, confined in your homes to thrive your career -  1) Work from home - Don't just pretend to work. Get some real work done. When this is all