BBA-601- Corporate Strategy

Time:03 Hours Maximum Marks:75
Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section-A is Compulsory
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B

Section - A
Q-1) (15*2=30)
a) Define Business Policy
b) What is a mission statement?
c) Define social responsibility?
d) Name various managerial styles.
e) What do you mean by strategy?
f) What is ETOP analysis?
g) What is meant by competitive analysis?
h) What is stability strategy?
i) What do you mean by diversification?
j) What is liquidation?
k) What is strategic gap?
l) What do you mean by behavioral considerations in strategy implementation?
m) What do you mean by budgetary control?
n) What are benefits of strategy evaluation?
o) What are features of geographical organizational structure?

Section - B
Q-2) What is the need and importance of business strategy? Elaborate.
Q-3) What are different objectives of business organization? Elaborate.
Q-4) Write a note on social responsibility of business?
Q-5) What factors should be kept in mind while formulating corporate strategy? Elaborate.
Q-6) Outline various factors in environment which an organization must keep in mind while formulating strategy.
Q-7) Highlight salient features of BCG matrix.
Q-8) Outline features of growth strategy.
Q-9) Identify the factors which influence the choice of a strategy.
Q-10) Outline salient features of GE 9 - cell model, with examples.
Q-11) Highlight relationship between strategy and structure, with illustrations.
Q-12) Describe various methods of strategy evaluation.
Q-13) Outline factors to be considered while implementing strategy.


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