BBA - 602 Semester 6 - Management Information Systems

Time:03 hours Maximum Marks:75

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is compulsory
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B

Section - A
Q-1) (15*2=30)
a) Define MIS and list its features?
b) Outline the structure of MIS
c) What are essential features of good information systems?
d) Discuss the limitations of MIS?
e) Discuss the role of computer in managerial system?
f) Specify various steps involved in converting manual system to MIS?
g) Write short note on the use of flow chart?
h) Discuss Open and Closed System?
i) Explain what do mean by system development life cycle?
j) What is AI system?
k) What are the advantages of expert system?
l) Explain the role of DBA in MIS?
m) What is Data Dictionary? Explain its importance?
n) What is the use of database for integration? Comment?
o) Discuss role of planning in information system?

Section - B (9*5=45)
Q-2) What are different types of Information Systems? Explain.
Q-3) What is IT infrastructure and how they are used to generate information?
Q-4) Describe the various levels of MIS?
Q-5) What do you mean by Decision - Making? Discuss the process of decision - making?
Q-6) Why is it the term feasibility design often used to designate conceptual design? Explain.
Q-7) Explain work break down structure?
Q-8) What are the basic criteria for determining information needs?
Q-9) Explain project management of MIS detailed design?
Q-10) Explain the working of Expert System?
Q-11) Discuss the role of corporate planning in MIS?
Q-12) Discuss the role of DBMS in Decision Support System?
Q-13) Differentiate between Decision Support System and AI?


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