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The Car Accident by Simranjeet Kaur

This entry won the first prize for Hope Library's Short Story Competition, 2012


The Car Accident

This is the true story of my life. And this is the most tragic story of my life till now.

One day, we were very - very happy as it was Sunday. We all were excited as we were going to a picnic.
At that time, we were living at Moga. So, we were getting ready for the picnic. I was the most excited than my other family members.

So at 8 o' clock in the morning, we were at home and we got ready for the picnic.

At last, we locked out home, and then my papa started the car. I, my mother and my two sisters got into the car. I and my younger sister sat at the back and my mother and little sister sat in the front seat. And my papa was driving the car. We were so happy, that I can't tell. But who knows that what will happen after a second also. If there is anybody who knows it then that is God only.

We were talking to each other. I and my sister who was in fourth standard at that time, were talking to each other and were making our discussions for the picnic in car only. We were saying that - we will do this, we will do that ..... when we had passed one fourth distance of the way, my sister got sleepy and went to sleep.

I was creating pictures of the scenes in my mind in which we were enjoying our picnic.

Suddenly, my father told us that we have to go to the petrol pump as petrol was going to finish. So, we went there. After the petrol pump's worker had put the petrol, we again started to the way for our destination.

I was singing songs in the car. After five minutes, such things happened with us which I never expected that this could happen to us. Five minutes before, I was very happy but now, my condition was that my heart is b eating but I am not feeling that. This was happening and felt by me after hearing a blast. And that blast was of our car. Our car had collided with an electricity pole. After colliding with it, our car moved foreword. Thank God ! it moved foreword, otherwise the electrical pole may have fallen on our car as it was broken.

Then first of all after my i.e. our accident, I looked at myself. I was surprised that after this kind of dangerous road accident, I was all right and I didn't got even a single scratch on my body. But I was also surprised after seeing that my clothes were wet with blood. I looked at my sister who was sitting besides me. She had got a little injury at her head. My father's clothes were also wet with blood. He had got injuries on his nose and his lips. But the injuries were not too much as compared  to the blood. Then I and my father tried to open the locks of our car. They were blocked. After trying for some time, we succeeded. I and my father tried to open the lock of my mother's seat's window. It was totally blocked. Then my father broke the mirror and opened the lock. My mother had got serious injury on her face. Blood was flowing continuously from my mama's face. Water was provided to her but when my mother put water in her mouth, it came out from my mama's left cheek. Then I was looking at my sister who was only two years old at that time and was sitting in the lap of my mother. She was all right. She also didn't get a single scratch on her body like me.

Then we rushed to the hospital. Blood was flowing continuously  At last, we reached the hospital.

My father shifted my mother to an emergency ward. Her operation started. We all three sisters were crying continuously. Tears came out from my father's eyes also but my father is very courageous. So, he gave support to us and told us not to cry.Now we had to pay fees also. There was only ten thousand rupees in my father's wallet and my mother's purse. My papa couldn't go anywhere leaving my mama alone.

Then, I felt courageous and dutiful. I told my father that I will draw money from ATM to pay the fees. So after taking keys of my home from my father, I went home. And then, I picked up my 'Activa' and after taking my ATM card, I went to the ATM. Then I drew money from it and came back to the hospital. And then my papa paid the fee. When the operation was over, I and my papa asked the doctor about my mama's health. Then he told us that there is no need to worry, patient is out of danger. But she should be taken under observation for 12 days. After hearing that mama is all right, I felt relief. My father was also looking very happy and contended now. Then he went to meet my mother. She was lying on the bed. She wasn't able to speak due to her stitches that were on her face.Then my  papa called up my aunt i.e. my mother's sister. She was living in Jagraon at that time. After hearing of our accident, she immediately came to Moga. When she saw my mama's condition, tears started coming out of her eyes.

My aunt helped us very much. She stayed with us for 15 days. And then she went home to see her family as her children were also studying in the school only. And then our grandmother came to our home. She also took care of my mother. My mother was not able to speak for a month. And for about 26 days, she laid in bed. Our exams were also there. So, I studied myself and prepared for my exams and in the absence of my mother, I taught my sister also. My father took care of my little sister and did small house - hold works. my grandmother took care of my mother and did other household works.

Gradually, improvement was seen in my mother and for about after two and a half months from our accident,  she was able to do a little work. And after three months, she was able to do any work like earlier.

We were very happy to see my mama like before. My father was the happiest in all of us. And then we started living happily like earlier.

Now, I am in ninth standard, but I can't forget that day, i.e. 2nd October and that difficult time in my whole life. Now, also, if I close my eyes and think about it, the scene of accident, comes in front of my eyes. I don't know that how this accident happened even today. I can forget  any story of my life but can't this one.

- The End


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