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Battling the war within

War is a wonderful item. We all like to abhor it and we all love it. Wars have that kind of effect on us. It brings out the best and the worst in human beings. It brings about feelings of patriotism, brotherhood, pride and macho ism that many people so love.  Some of the biggest industries and enterprises have been built on war. Petroleum companies, clothing mills, steel mills all have a special earning season every time a war breaks out.

Look at India as an example. We are a peace loving country. So we say and blabber around. You take India's history and it is flooded with wars. Everyone was fighting everyone, every time. Our biggest legends were based on war. Ramayana ended with a war. Mahabharata ended with a war. Buddha, so they say was a prince once. Sikhism, has had its shares of wars with the Mughals. Then came the mighty Britishers who fought against the Portuguese and French and Indian states of course. Then India got Independent and has been fighting ever since. Even as I right this, the country of peace, has soldiers warding off Pakistan on one side who continue to breech cease fire. Others are getting killed or killing Maoists depending on whose lucky day it is. Then there are soldiers who are on Peace Keeping Missions. Like the ones in Congo. Basically you go their and create peace not war by waving your weapons around or something. I seriously never understood how can you make peace at gun point. But it happens.

So wars go on and on. And keeps encouraging new industries. Like the human rights groups and all. Wars happen and they have enough money and work to take care of.

I now clear the point that to go to war is a human nature. Whatever the Americans said in 1960's, Vietnam couldn't stop them attacking Afghanistan or Iraq. It is a quality deep within us. To fight or to rebel, depending on which side of the war you are on. So I say, why don't people clean their own cobwebs first, before going to war. Some I suppose really do that. Subhash Bose I guess knew that he could not win a war again the Indian Army. He still wavered on. He might be ready.
And when nations go to futile wars, take that example. Isn't that reflective of a nation's conscience? Why do we blame the leaders or reward the leaders alone afterwards. I mean, of course in any war, the leader would be a distinguished figure. But isn't the conscience of the nation also responsible?

Look at the United States. Many citizens of the mighty nation protested when Vietnam happened. Shouldn't they ask themselves about why they created such a huge mess in Iraq and then again in Afghanistan and then again in Libya? That country is facing economic crisis and is going around the World policing people. Perhaps that's why Indian leaders always write to Americans for help. By creating leaders like present PM, Mr. Singh, they have weakened their own defenses to such an extent that any one can attack India at any time now, India would definitely lose. That is the other thing on a nation's conscience. The incompetence to hold Peace itself and avoiding bloody wars. Look at Sudan, Congo, Syria and even India.

People should learn to be content within themselves. They should live happy and happy. Like the people of the beautiful country of Bhutan do. They remain happy and content. It is when discontentment happens that a fertile ground for war appears. Greed is another factor for war. Almost all wars have happened for greed or lust. Can't the people of any Republic sit down quietly and work out things? Even if they go to war, at least be proud and strategic about it? Not a mindless throwing around of bombs and bullets.

But first, fight the war within. The war that exists in the minds and hearts of the common people. 


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