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Touching Lives - The New Age Medicare

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We are a group of three friends. One of us is a doctor, another a businessman and third me, the wannabe writer and present day blogger. One fine day, over drinks and chicken, we were debating with this other guy whom we met at the club about how corruption is plaguing the modern medicine today. It is then, our doctor friend, opened up defending not only his chosen vocation but also about what little things we choose to ignore around us, but happen around us. These are new age, small miracles of Modern Day Medicare.

One remarkable story was of Rita (name changed) a pregnant woman of 35. You know how doctors are about disclosing patient history? So to cut the long story short, this woman has complications way before the due date. They do a C- Section, get a premature, weak baby who may or may-not survive. Look at the miracle here. They not only saved the woman, by performing a surgery but also the frail baby through their machines and medicine. And all this looks so simple and routine to us. Reality is, that those two lives were at grave risk. They could have easily died.

Another significant story is that of Anand. He is a 12 year old kid, complaining about his heart. The doctor concludes that this guy had very little chance of growing into an adult. He will die well before that. Unless of course they put a stent in his heart that could prolong his life. Sounds simple? Well that little piece of spring that is called stent, is saving millions of lives every day, around the world. You don't simply cut a person and put it anywhere. It is a complex surgery performed with brilliance of modern medicine. Now Anand can live up to 100 years even. Like a normal person.

These and many innumerable stories of people illustrate what modern day medicine day is doing. It is not about money or passion or even about doing the right thing. It is about caring, compassion and persistence that is making medicine like a miracle. It is transforming lives, prolonging lives and most of all, easing pain.

Hats off to such a noble vocation, whose best results can be seen in people braving the odds that nature has thrown at them, with support and solidarity of new age medicare.


shaista dhanda said…
Doctors are life savers
Rahul Sharma said…
Thank you for this information.It is really informative and helpful for the people.Keep giving such a valuable information.
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