Elections 2014 - India Vs. Bharat

Writers for years have written extensively on sharp divide between India and Bharat. One, mostly urban the other mostly rural. It is Bharat that feeds the country, takes case of its productions and supplies most labor. It is India which issues orders, makes policies and do the management. Not surpisingly, it is India that complains the most.

But it is a fact that it India of the big cities, which is responsible for the worst scams ever happened to the nation. It is also a fact that the big city people have always exploited the Bharat people. And one of the vivid example can be seen in voting patterns. While Delhi had a turn out of around 64% voters, Saharanpur in western Uttar Pradesh, recorded a massive 74% voter turn out. It is a well documented fact that voting turn out amongst the big cities, is always low, at least lower than other places. Look at Mumbai, which has a voter turn out of 55% this time. If you look at the results of last assembly elections in Delhi, the city state voted for instability. Even an Uttar Pradesh, with much less exposure and literacy level has not done that since a decade or more and has so many parties vying for government formation. Still they are easily able to prevent unstable governments.

This is a sad scenario for India. The  urban middle class, with all its education and exposure is wasting away its vote with a complacent and an attitude that reeks of apathy. They openly criticize caste based voting and corruption in politics, what they fail to see is their contribution towards. election of suitable candidates for policy making for the country. For, be it the rail scam, or the CWG scam or 2 G scam, all alleged came from big cities, with sizable population of the well educated. Yet, they failed to question their representatives and inadvertently encouraged them.


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