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My First IndiBlogger Meet

Its been years since I started blogging and joined IndiBlogger but until today I never got a chance to attend the IndiBlogger meet  a much awaited event for bloggers. I remember, at the very beginning of setting up the blog network, Renie had worked on ideas of meets and they have all been a success.
Today, I finally got a chance to attend a meet held alongside the launch of Asus Zenfone2, the world's first smartfone with a 4 GB RAM.The venue was the amazingly designed Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon. In it's auditorium the launch of the Asus Zenfone was organized with Bollywood actor Said Ali Khan making a special appearance. Aditi Singh Sharma opened up the show with melodious songs. Asus CEO Jerry Shen launched the new phone  with 'Incredible Comes to India'. This was followed up by top executives from Asus and Intel highlighting features and functions of the new phone.

Oh yes, it really sounds like a great phone.  Especially the pictures Robert Jahns a renowned photographer had clicked in Paris were too pretty. He was their as well interacting about his work and photography in general.

Over the very tasty lunch (yes, non vej lunch) I met Gaurav a blogger who has been into blogging almost same time as I have been and attended a lot of blogger meets in Delhi. Later on met bloggers Tarun, Priyanka and many others, which really made my day. I have known a lot of bloggers but to know new and awesome blog people is great.

I would have told you that I received Some gifts ( t-shirts, selfie stick, mug) but that would make you jealous so I am skipping those details :p

For those blogger friends whom I couldn't meet this time around, really missed you all. For those new friends I made today. Thank you, will look forward to catching up again, next time.
Thank You IndiBlogger, Renie, Anoop and the entire team for this fabalous event. It was great seeing you all in person. Looking forward for the next meet.


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