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Of Media Obsession of Congress defined nationalism

Something something happens and media, social and electronic all go to grab maximum twitter tweets and FB likes. The most painful part about this is the role of social media. It is easy for the Congress obsessed media to hate the BJP and make every issue about RSS and BJP. Even nationalism for example.

But why does not a Rajdeep Sardesai I wonder, not pained when a Tanzanian girl is stripped in Bangalore and police decide to take things easy? Just because Bangalore is ruled by the Congress, it is okay with everyone. We are all okay with the inaction of the police on a mob that went around and beat up the girl and her friends. Well because they all love and preach Congress brand of nationalism. No Arnab gets angry no Ravish comes out with theatrical dialogues. This is the patriotism we all are made to like. Where we go around chasing young foreign women and beat them around. It is all okay as long you are not even distantly associated with RSS or BJP.  You are also allowed to burn up the car in which the girl was traveling. Our focus should be to press like buttons when the media spews venom against the Modi or his government. Or better still on nationalism and intolerance matters that are happening of course in BJP ruled states only. States like Karnataka, not ruled by BJP are tolerant.They just took 3 days to decide to take action against such a small tiny incident.

So we should all carry the Indian media's torch of nationalism and tolerance and patriotism. Forget about Kerala, it is a good state. No BJP there. So media happy. No one gives a damn about the parents of Sujith in Kannur district Kerala whose 27-year-old son was hacked to death in front of their eyes in their very home because he was RSS. So media says, don't give a damn. All civil rights, political rights, in eyes of media are for JNU type students, who should have all rights to support terrorists. RSS should be terminated by a shooting squad. So much is the hate of the media.  No one wants to know why Congress led states are allowing such incidents. For they have the stamp of approval from the big boys of media.

That is what tolerance means to them. Nation to them is just one party and to tow line of that one party. It is not only shameful for our motherland but totally sad as well.


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