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Elections 2017 - BJP wins the votes but loses its identity

For the ruling party in Delhi, the elections in five states were crucial. True, in assembly and state elections, national considerations take second seat but still, the elections mirrored the national mood.

For the Indian National Congress, the results have given it a rude shock. With the absence of its ailing President, the party could not put up a strong show and its campaign was wanting of any imagination or astuteness. Still it came close to power in Goa and Manipur and wrested back Punjab which all in all is not bad for it.

For the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party, the writing now is clearly on the wall. The party has now left devoid of any ideology, cadre or thought. Its win is purely pinned on the charismatic Prime Minister who is now 'the party'.  Even in places where the BJP lost, it was mainly because the PM didn't try enough. Like in Punjab where the election was as usual outsourced to the regional partner. 

Indeed, the results show a clear trend that the BJP is a totally leaderless and faceless party with just one name to lead it. Their is no second line of command to speak of. Or even third or fourth for that matter. Take the case of Punjab. The one party one post rule was thrown out of the window for a sitting cabinet minister who was also made the chief of the party state unit. Still, the party could only win 3 seats. The  media won't tell you that the high profile, Amritsar Lok Sabha seat, where the current Union Finance Minister had badly lost last time, the BJP did not even put up a decent fight. It's base has now almost eroded from Amritsar and other regions of Punjab.

In all other states where the  BJP has won, the trend is common. On the state level it does not have any popular or credible face. In Goa, the sitting chief minister and several of his ministers couldn't even save their own seats.

The party has now been reduced to a cult of one personality. Instead of celebrating its victory it should introspect on its loss. So as to rise as a nation's favorite party and not its favorite cult or sect.


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