Go Clown - #AccheDin for Comedy - Shatrugna Vadwlas

The book is a work of satire at its best. The author has managed to mingle humor and sarcasm together to show a mirror to the society.

The book is written by a debutante author, Shatrugna Vadwlas who has done a pretty neat job in putting the story together. It goes beyond the usual life of an engineer and peeks into various dimensions of our society. From NRIs to American born confused Desis, ragging in engineering colleges to workplace dynamics, this book has it all. The reader follows Kiriti on a bumpy ride of life from birth to a student of engineering to a politician and a mountain climber. And then there is the clown which just spices up the story to the next level.

As a plus, the author has added an innovative game to the book which is based on a Japanese game.It is heartening to see an author putting up such an effort to make the book so interesting.

However, I felt that the book-length could have been shortened. Also, some of the chapters were way too long. All in all a good book.

Published by Shatrugna Vadwlas

Pages - 325

Genre - Satire

Received a copy from the author for a review. If you wish to get your book reviewed, contact at Orangy[dot]in@Gmail[dot]com. 


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