B as in Blogger #AtoZchallenge

Blogger has been an integral part of my blogging life. It pioneered the blogging revolution along with Typepad and Wordpress.
As with many great tech evolutions, Google bought blogger with an aim to garner more users and more business, especially for Adwords. Google Adwords literally grew up with Blogger.

So what's the future ahead for this service which started almost 17 years ago? (It began operations in 1999)

What should ideally have been its biggest rising point, in fact, turned out to be a disadvantage for blogger. After its acquisition by tech major Google, its popularity dwindled much like what happened with Orkut. Wordpress which was already gaining ground in 2003 is now the much-preferred choice of bloggers.

Many say that it is because Wordpress chose to be independent whereas Google was perceived to be controlling, this happened. I personally have never found any problem with blogspot and have been blogging here since 2006. I was tempted to move to Wordpress but truth be told, I just love blogger. I have had many team blogs here and enjoyed most of its features.

This has become like a home for me, where I am always welcome, where so many of my friends hang out and where I discover such rich and soulful content.


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