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Naivedyam - Sushant Lok - Gurgaon

I always have maintained that Naivedyam offers the best South Indian food in Gurgaon. Although it has another outlet at Sohna Road, the Sushant Lok one is more accessible and centered. It is situated in between Vyapar Kendra and DLF Galleria on a road which is in bad need of repair. If you go there at night, you might be surprised at the choice of location which gives you quite a deserted feeling.

But once you enter this place, it is always bustling with patrons, most of them repeat customers who are regulars to this place.

  • Buttermilk is a welcome drink they offer to all customers. 
  • Their portions of chutneys and sambars are always generous, still, don't hesitate to ask more as they are always eager to help.
  • The service is very quick and captains give you good recommendations.
  • My favorite is Benne Masala Dosai, although all Dosais are good.
  • If not interested in a Dosa, go for the Naivedyam Thali which is fulfilling and is a hearty meal.
Sharing pictures of Erulli Masala Dosai and Tangam Paper Masal Dosai

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