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Event Update - The Bites and Beer Fest

This weekend is going to be rocking, especially for the folks living near West Delhi. The Bites and Beer Fest is coming to town at the Pacific Mall at Tagore Garden.

The Bites and Beer Fest is an event for every foodie, who loves to try the exotic new food and pair it with his/her favorite beer. Scorching summers do call for a Beer Fest, it’s more Indian and it’s more called for. And do you know what I just heard? The organizers are offering Beer @ Rs. 3 to first 100 visitors. 

The Bites and Beer Fest, a 2 day extravaganza, promises to relish your taste buds with over 30 food stall churning out local, national and international dishes. Paired along with the wide variety of freshly brewed beers is surely going to be a hit for the food lovers in this scorching Delhi Heat.

And, it doesn’t end here. Bites and beer fest promises the plethora of fun and entertaining activities for all, like games and electrifying atmosphere of music and dance, with live performances by famous bands ensuring that all those in the party are on their heels. Live performances by bands like Bismil, Rocknama, Adveta, Zikrr, Turban etc. Games like Man Vs Food, Beer Pong, Beer Chug etc.

With rising heat & augmenting craze among Delhiites for beer and food, this event will is all set to bring a whole new experience for the people. Looking forward to the event. on 3rd and 4th June 2017 at Tagore Garden.


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