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Batli 29 - Sector 29 Gurgaon

Tucked away in a neat corner of sector 29 main market is this great brewpub and Cafe, Batli 29 with imposing facade and spread over multiple floors. I went there on a hot summer evening for some Beer and loads of food. This place is a favored after office hang out place for many office goers in Gurgaon.



Batli has its own micro brewery which churns out some great Beer which is thick and makes you want to slurp it all down. Do try their dark beer and if you like experiments with your Beer, try their Batli Bomb which is a cocktail of Beer, Vodka and Rum.

What I tried and would recommend 


Schizwan pepper prawns - Fried prawns
Chilli cheese toast- Very tasty and crisp
Dahi  ke shole - Were fried way too much. You can avoid as much better stuff on the menu
Nimbu paneer tikka- A lemony twist to our favorite paneer tikkas
Bhatti Ka murg-.Chicken, the way we all love it.
Ching Chow corn - Fried Corns, prepared well. Excellent flavor.
Panko fish finger- I recommend this.
Veg pizza sliders- They were good
Cheese Nuggets- The best in Vegetarian dishes

 Makhmali Boti -  Delicious Mutton with soft Indian bread. If you like mutton, this dish will please your taste buds.

Chandni chowk kulcha- What is also called as Amritsari Kulcha comes with a tangy onion chutney and chickpease. Crisp and good to eat.


Apple Cinnamon Tart and Gulkand gulab jamun both are very good. If have to pick the better one, I say Gulab Jamuns. The way they are bottled up in those jars calling you to gobble them up makes you drool.

Chef Suresh and his team are weaving quite a magic at this place with the right kind of food to go with the drinks and without.

Batli 29 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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