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Raasta - Cyber Hub Gurgaon

Situated on the second floor of Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, Raasta has been around for some time now tucked right in between Sutra and Imperfecto. The trio makes up for much of the evening scenes (for groups especially) at Cyber Hub. 

Raasta is inspired by the Rastafarian lifestyle and the Carribean living with Bob Marley vibes all around the place. It is a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work as it transports you to another world which is cool and relaxed.

What we ordered? Their is no particular dish which I can not recommend. Everything is superb here. But I will suggest go for the Hawaain and Carribean dishes. Given that thier pastas and pizzas are better than many Italian joints, still those dishes like Dylan's Galauti and Trilla are signature dishes which you cant afford to miss.

Non veg Barbados platter

(Caribbean Chicken Strips, Grilled Chicken Skewers, Cheese Cigars with Lamb and Jalapenos and Fish Finger (in place of chicken bacon wrapper) )

Veg Barbados Platter

(Paneer Faffa, Trilla, Jalapenos Cheese Cigars and Oven Roasted Potatoes)

Chicken Faffa

Paneer Faffa

Dylan's Galauti


Veg Mezze Platter


Jalapeno Cheese Cigars

Jamaican Pepper Lamb

Caribbean Chicken Curry

Veg Thai Curry


Trinity (Cottage Cheese Steak)

Tale of the BongTails

Chances are when you look at their bar menu, you miss out on a separate menu which lists Bong Tails. Prepared in Bong Jars, these cocktails are house specialties, and if you look experimenting with your drinks, you should definitely try one.

      Supernatural Bongtail                     Emerald Jack Bongtail                   Purple Haze Bongtail

We tried the 36-24-36 Pizza which was vegetarian, chicken pizza and the Pepperoni Pizza. The Pepperoni Pizza was the best of the lot with a generous amount of cheese and somewhat more than required amount of sauce. The crust was thin and pizza well baked. 

                                                                 36-24-36 Pizza 
A delight for the veggie lovers 

chicken pizza

Pepperoni Pizza
All that pork and cheese makes for a great eat

Penne Alfredo
It was more yum than it looks

Tropical Chicken Salad
If you love your salads, go for this one for sure



Red Velvet Pastry

                                                                Banoffie Pie Pastry


Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream

The brownie was fresh and the best of the lot. The banoffie pie is also a favorite of mine but this one lacked something, which I am not able to pin point exactly.

Raasta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Esha Dogra said…
Nice post.. Food looks yum
Unknown said…
Every food photography is amazing

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