Awesome donuts for the mid meals hunger pangs

Okay, the other day I skipped break fast and lunch didn't seem possible for this super urgent project so I decided why not order some donuts for myself and the team. Dunkin Donuts has come up with some great offers and this seemed the perfect time to munch some of their recent flavor additions.

The Donuts came fresh and warm, packed nicely in boxes which remind you of Indian sweet boxes. 

Nutty Choco Cuddle 

Sweet and yummy with a soft gooey center, a must try for those who like sweet and salty (slightly) chocolate taste.

Choco Frosted Donut

You wouldn't like to share this with anyone, trust me on that.

Cutie Frutie Donut

The most beautiful donut in the town! 

Classic Donut 
All time favorite.

Jelly Filled Donut

This has a jam like jelly generously filled into it. 

Cinnamon Donut

Not my personal favorite but it has a slight amount of cinnamon essence and dustings over it, makes for a good taste.

Interesting Donut Tip:
If you have a microwave nearby, warm the donut before eating. 12 seconds is the ideal time to microwave it. More than that, you are literally burning it, less than that it will not be warm enough.


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