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Bunta Bar - Janpath - New Delhi

Located right opposite the famed Janpath Market is the Bunta Bar on the second floor of an office building. It has been set up with uber cool and expansive interiors with a hint of nostalgia with bunta bottles (marbles) all around the place.


I went to this place on a hot and humid evening. The weather demanded cooling and soothing drinks and Bunta Bar did not disappoint. They serve excellently curated cocktails. I would definitely recommend the one they call Babaji ko Booti which comes in a Kettle and served in tea cups. If you want to soak into some nostalgia you can have the Bunta Bottles, which once used to be regular lemonade-based drinks but lost their charm when multinationals bulldozed their own brands. Bunta Bar has brought in the old bottles back into fashion with some exciting mixology.

Bunta Bottles                                                 Solan Monk, served Desi Pauwa style

Babaji ki Booti

Pizza & Pasta

The Chicken Pizza and Veg Pasta were both good but the pasta was a little sweet. Pizza here is way better than the pasta.


Tried their Dabeli which was okayish. Chicken 65 is a house specialty and a must try. Bunta Chicken Tikka is also recommended but I liked the 65 more. If looking for something different to try, go for the chicken tacos. They are quite good. 




Dinner was Chicken Tikka Masala and Bengal Mutton Curry served with Malabar and plain Paranthas. A great choice, I could not find any fault with either of them, cooked so well and portion size was generous.


Brownie with Ice Cream was the suggestion given by the server and it was yum and chocolaty.

Nearest Metro Station - Janpath 

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