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Is the trend of Sarahah.Com worth the hype

For past few days, this app is going viral. Its called Sarahah a weird name if you ask me for a messaging app. Its key USP? You send messages anonymously. Like those chits of paper you passed in middle grade at school. No one knew who wrote them but you could guess already.

As it happens with everything internet questions are being raised over the sanity of this thing. After all, if my friend or a well wisher cannot give me a constructive feedback on face, is that feedback really worth it? Also, their is this whole negativity being peddled in the name of feedback impacting minds and causing issues. 

I registered on the App the other day and received just 6 messages. 2 were vile rants, 1 was a GOT spoiler and rest words from friends. I have sent umessages to other friends mostly whom I am close to and sent them a message just for the sake of it. If I need to give you a feedback, I can give it direct.

But can I? I know so many people who ask me feedback all the time. Be it their blogs, or career or life, I am asked for an opinion. Am I always honest? No. I know what the other person wants to listen, and if I don't tote the line, the person would be upset. I have tried brutal honesty in the past and friends labelled me as a crude, rude fella who is cold hearted. That they were not really friends, I realized much later.

Which brings me to the point of Sarahah. It is easy to say, give me a direct feedback, but how many of our friends have been really honest to us? We pooh paah, share selfies, enjoy coffees and travels but are we really honest to each other? We take special care not to unnecessary offend someone.

Real friendships and relationships are a rarity. I think that's why such apps can make a difference. So that you can tell your friends something good. Not another frivolous whatsapp message or a FB post. A meaningful dialogue.

Sadly, people will misuse it for mischief or malice. But that's okay. Learn to take criticisms and negativity with a pinch of salt. I think this app is a wonderful opportunity to communicate the deep things in your heart. With an added advantage of not puncturing other person's ego intentionally.

And I seriously believe that once the venting out is done, you will have enough courage in your heart to confront your known ones. A light heart is better than one carrying heavy emotional baggage.

It also puts a spotlight on introverts. For extroverts, its easy to express, for introverts its difficult. A curtain of anonymity would really benefit introverts to speak out.


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