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Boho by Nagai - Sector 29 Gurugram

My past experience with Nagai, the Japanese/Asian restaurant next to Gymkhana Club in Sector 29 had always been great. So, when I heard that they had converted the basement into a bar called Boho by Nagai, I marked my calendar for a visit.

The team at Nagai basically has blended the goodness of Nagai with Bohemian vibes making this a great cocktail bar. the music is not so loud, the lighting is so perfect and the sitting so private yet open. The walls adorn some very creative paintings which I am told are put with collaboration with artists who have put them on sale.

The service is quite good as expected. Nagai is one of the best Japanese/Asian restaurants in Gurgaon, partly due to its perfect service and Boho doesn't disappoint either. The recommendations of the staff are always worth heeding too. So this time too, I nudged the guy to help me with the menu.

The menu itself is great. I am not a big fan of Menus which look like tomes of archeologists. Some eateries just try to do too much. The Menu at Boho fits on an A3 sheet. Simple and has just the right things you want with your drinks. My first recommendation would be Gambas Al Ajilo. One of the best prawns I have ever had. The come on a sizzler plate with the shrilling sound of hot chili garlic oil. You eat them with garlic bread and just go wow.

If you like Baos the Teriyaki Chicken Bao is a quick snack to grab. Nothing fancy, your routine Bao just done right. They also have adopted items from the Nagai menu like the Sushi, but I already eat Sushi upstairs all the time so skipped it at Boho. Instead, I went with the staff recommendation of AkamiTuna Pizza. If you are a seafood/fish/tuna fan you will love it. It is like an acquired taste. Not everyone I believe will love it. But it bowled me over.

Staying with the fish family I also tasted their Calamari. Again fried well, served with tartar sauce it tasted great. These guys make good seafood I guess because the fish tastes so fresh. It makes a hell lot of difference to the taste.

Desserts are not something you look forward to at a bar, but I do. The moment I read the menu I knew that they were same as they serve at Nagai. They just have 3 options and it is a challenge to decide which not to eat. All three are perfect.

But that's not the story here. The story of the bar is the bar. I always see at most bars, cocktails are not that great. Somehow, something always disappoints me. Might be too much sugar or soda or ice, something is off. Here what I liked was the preparation was great. Quantity is not that flowing but taste wise, its good. I tried Herbacious, Mogami and Golden Andean. Loved all three of them but loved Herbacious more. Then I was told that Golden Andean is one of its kind drink in Gurgaon. Reason, they use Pisco a Peruvian drink which is stored and made in earthen ware. You can feel that earthy tinge in your cocktail and it feels so good.


What is awesome at this place?

Almost everything. Location, Food, Service, Ambience. 

What is not so awesome at this place?

Ah the prices, wish they could have been lower. 
And the enterance is via the Nagai restaurant.


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