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Tuesday Musings - Random Scribbles

I have been staring at this blank screen for some time now, thinking what to write. Words usually come to me, quite easily but off late their has been a drought. I am yet stuck on what story to write next, even though I have several ideas stuck in some unknown part of my heart. My health has taken a big beating in 2018 and off late, I have really gotten weak and frail for unknown reasons. My vitals are healthy and my diet reflects how I am in pink of health. 

Looks like I am going to miss both my books targets. Reading 100 books a year and writing at least 1. But the good part is, we still have a few months left in 2018 and lot of life in me, to achieve my targets. 

The good part of being down, and I love this part, is to see the people around you, lifting you up, motivating you, cheering you up. Its as if the dark phases have an unusual glory to them. When you know, someone has been your side., you know they will be their when light comes in. Those who didn't give a damn to your darkness, well are they worth having around?

One hobby I am introducing back to my life is gardening. My father and my grandfather used to manufacture these range of garden tools (family used to manufacture a hell lot of things, way back before Made in China came into vogue) I always found fascinating. We used to have a lawn at home and a garden at dad's factory. Grandpa's factory didn't even have a space for a pot I guess, so a lot of gardening etc. happened in the unit which dad ran. And I used to love going around the greens, appreciating their beauty, their significance, and how different tools, could do wonders to a patch of green. 

With time, it remained as a minor hobby for me, as I brought in some plants and kept them home. Now myself away from home, I certainly crave at times for a patch of green of my own. Especially because for urban India, greenery is a just a hindrance for that extra room, for an extra car park or that wide road, to zoom pass expensive toys ran on fossil fuels. So I am giving into that calling and trying to nurture a couple of plants. I don't know if I am the nurturing types, still I think its worth a shot. 

I have been always vocal about having a hobby which is not digital related. Do you have an active hobby or a hobby you are keen to pursue? 


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